An Appointment with L’Appuntamento

Last week I was asked by the lovely Claudia Albertini from Platform China Gallery to sit for a photoshoot at a fabulous homewares space in Chai Wan, Casa Capriz, run by another Chai Wan creative, Irene Capriz.

The space was chock-a-block with amazing one-off vintage and industrial furniture finds from around the world, as well as art from Platform China. Hanging on rows of racks were clothes exploding with colour designed by Paola Sinisterra of Tangram. That was the scene for L’Appuntamento, a creative project fusing art, fashion and furniture which opened to the public with a festive party and a site specific exhibition, where the final photos and artworks were exhibited on December 8th.

Friends from the worlds of art, fashion and design were dressed up in Tangram and asked to sit with their pet for a portrait by Daniele Mattioli. I may look pet-less, but you’d be wrong. I am in fact seated on trunks full of badly behaved snakes. Never work with children or pets …
Check out Daniele’s pics below!

Here’s what the L’Appuntamento team had to say about the project-

“This collaboration between art (Platform China), fashion (Tangram) and homewares (Casa Capriz) started as a conversation on how to bridge our fields of interested while doing something amusing together in Chai Wan. We didn’t want to do something too rigid and actually didn’t even start with a structured project; the whole idea of doing tongue-in-cheek family portraits of people we found interesting with their pets started as a joke and became the leitmotiv. More than anything we wanted to create enticing tableaux of relaxed living (this concept is so strange to Hong Kong) where art, fashion and furniture came together in a humorous and haphazard yet beautiful way.

The Italian photographer, Daniele Mattioli, has been based in Shanghai for quite some time and specializes in portraits where the personality of the subjects shines through. It was wonderful to see him peel away layers, of both the subjects and their animals to come up with that milisecond when the magic of a great photo happens. When coming up with the scenes he was very careful to find a balance between pieces, colors and placement so that each of the elements of the portraits had its correct place while always keeping the subject as the driving force.

The subjects are all people we find inspirational, interesting and who we felt embody that certain savoir vivre which is a recurring interest for Casa Capriz, Tangram and Platform China.”

Thanks to the team for such a wonderful experience, and for getting me into colour for the first time since my mother decked me out as Kylie Minogue for a talent contest.

If you want to check out more from L’Appuntamento and pick up some pieces for your home or wardrobe, pop into:

Casa Capriz,
8/F Reality Tower, 4 San On Street
Chai Wan
Or call for an appointment: +852 9318 1730

Natalie Belbin and Jolene
Natalie Belbin and Jolene
Ignacio Garcia and Paola Sinisterra and their ceramic pets
Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garcia with their ceramic pets
Suitman AKA Young Kim and his invisible dog
Suitman AKA Young Kim and his invisible dog
Me and not one, but two trunks full of snakes!
Me and not one, but two trunks full of snakes!
Claudia Albertini and Neil, "Flowers are easier to take care than pets"
Neil and Claudia Albertini, “Flowers are easier to take care of than pets”
Gemma Hayden Blest and George
Gemma Hayden Blest and George
With Tangram's Paola Sinisterra (centre) and Casa Capriz' Irene Capriz (right)
With Tangram’s Paola Sinisterra (centre) and Casa Capriz’ Irene Capriz (right)

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