Viva L’Amour!


Here’s something from New York-based British artist, Oliver Clegg, to joyfully start your week. ‘Viva l’amour’! It’s the artist’s directorial debut for a music clip collaboration with Sabina Sciubba, the singer of New York avant-garde electro-punk outfit, Brazilian Girls.

Clegg, who has exhibited at Art Basel Miami, Saatchi Gallery and Venice Biennale, created the stop-frame animation using rotoscoping, a 100 year-old technique in which stills of a film are traced over, frame by frame, to give an animated, hand-drawn quality. The final clip features over 600 individual drawings based on sketches from a video of Sciubba dancing in her living room.

‘Viva l’amour’, off Sciubba’s debut album Toujours, is out now on Naim Edge Records/Bar None Records. Download from iTunes. Guaranteed foot tapping and head bopping.

For more on Oliver Clegg’s work check out his website:

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