Twin Peaks Returns


I could not be more excited! Having spent the ’90s glued to my TV screen to find out who killed Laura Palmer, and then reliving it over and over again as a film student, Twin Peaks is back!

Director and co-creator of the cult TV show (and frankly a whole bunch of cult films that I’m pretty sure you have in your top 10), David Lynch, recently announced that Twin Peaks will return to our TV screens/ laptops (things have changed since the ’90s) for a new season in 2016. Laura Palmer did tell Cooper that she would see him again in 25 years. Was this part of Lynch’s plan all along? The new series will be set in the present, with original writer Mark Frost on board once again to write all the episodes and Lynch as director.

Will the log lady return? Will we still have dancing midgets? Now that this season will be airing with Showtime (True Blood, Dexter, Californication) will the new Twin Peaks be even more head-scratchingly crazy? Lynch is giving less than nothing away, leaving us with a frustrating tease of a cryptic trailer (but Julee Cruise theme song will have you riding waves of nostalgia).

In the meantime, prepare that pot of black coffee and rematch (or catch up if you haven’t watched it before) the original as we wait for this new series.

Here’s the tease:

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