Lenin vs Vuitton

I was all packed, my travel winter wardrobe ready to brave the freezing temperatures of Moscow to attend the opening of Louis Vuitton's travel exhibition in Red Square. It would have featured art and luggage from international and Russian artists and personalities including artist Olga Chernysheva, prima ballerina Diana Vishneva, Sofia Coppola, Damien Hirst, James... Continue Reading →

EVA & ADELE: La Vie en Rose

They’ve invented their own sex, sport matching shaved heads and make-up, and ummm ... they come from the future. No, this isn’t ComicCon. It’s art! It’s likely that if you’ve attended any of the major art fairs, biennales and art exhibitions in the last two decades, you’ve probably spotted the identically made-up, gender-bending, frock-wearing Austro-German... Continue Reading →

Art Basel HK: It’s a Wrap!

Well, Art Basel Hong Kong has been and gone, summer art fair season has ended, and vacation is upon us. There have been plenty of posts on the Basel brand's inaugural HK fair, so why add another to the pile? Really I just wanted an excuse to post lots and lots of pics of my... Continue Reading →

Arne Quinze : A Stranger’s World

A STRANGER'S WORLD As published in Asia Tatler, March 2013 Since the early 1990s, Belgian artist Arne Quinze has been redefining and challenging the way we engage with our urban environment and our homes. His big, bold, often fluorescently bright installations don’t invite us in so much as demand our attention and engagement. They prod... Continue Reading →

Murakami at Gagosian HK

OUT OF HIS SKULL Published in Asia Tatler, February 2013 In the long, white, clean space of the gallery hang 14 paintings. They are accompanied by the frantic movement of a dozen people, while metres of electrical cord wind across the bare wooden floor. Cameras are set up and a team of silent assistants shuffles... Continue Reading →

Vik Muniz’s Postmodern Masters

ART WORKS IN DISGUISE Vik Muniz, the most celebrated artist to come out of Brazil, is feeling a little under the weather when we meet at Ben Brown Fine Arts on the evening before his Hong Kong solo exhibition opens. That’s no surprise, given the gruelling flight from Rio de Janeiro, but he’s also had... Continue Reading →

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