Anish Kapoor: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Published in Asia Tatler, May 2014 Anish Kapoor, whose long, luminous career has made him a household name, talks about mystery, banality and the spaces in between Under the glass roof of Berlin’s Martin Gropius Bau museum—which 70 years earlier was bombed and almost completely destroyed, and decades later stood on the outskirts of a... Continue Reading →

Art of the Deal

As published in Asia Tatler, April 2014 In the booming global art market, most galleries and auction houses chase the media spotlight. But there’s a more discreet world of collectors and dealers where masterpieces change hands in absolute privacy. Art is a booming business these days. The global market is estimated to be worth about... Continue Reading →

Yinka Shonibare: Fabric of the Times

As published in Hong Kong Tatler, December 2013 “In art, truth is suggested by false means,” Edgar Degas once declared, and artist Yinka Shonibare’s work reveals some harsh realities about modern society: racism, inequality between colonising and colonised cultures, and the excess of a contemporary society increasingly on the verge of implosion. Works by the... Continue Reading →

Arne Quinze : A Stranger’s World

A STRANGER'S WORLD As published in Asia Tatler, March 2013 Since the early 1990s, Belgian artist Arne Quinze has been redefining and challenging the way we engage with our urban environment and our homes. His big, bold, often fluorescently bright installations don’t invite us in so much as demand our attention and engagement. They prod... Continue Reading →

Murakami at Gagosian HK

OUT OF HIS SKULL Published in Asia Tatler, February 2013 In the long, white, clean space of the gallery hang 14 paintings. They are accompanied by the frantic movement of a dozen people, while metres of electrical cord wind across the bare wooden floor. Cameras are set up and a team of silent assistants shuffles... Continue Reading →

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