Gert and Uwe Tobias at Ben Brown Gallery

During the Ottoman invasion of Wallachia in 1462,  Sultan Mehmed II– who had marched into the territory with an army of more than 150,000 troops–entered the small town of Târgoviste, in what is today known as Romania, to find a forest of twenty thousand Turkish men, women, and children, all impaled. The perpetrator; voivode Vlad III... Continue Reading →

Pedder-philes Spring Art 2013

In the past few years Hong Kong's iconic Pedder Building has undergone a remarkable, and expensive transformation. Gone are the vintage designer wear and cheap cashmere shops and in their place are the smooth gleaming floors and glass windows of high-end established commercial galleries, a cigar divan and an enoteca. And of course, Abercrombie and... Continue Reading →

Vik Muniz’s Postmodern Masters

ART WORKS IN DISGUISE Vik Muniz, the most celebrated artist to come out of Brazil, is feeling a little under the weather when we meet at Ben Brown Fine Arts on the evening before his Hong Kong solo exhibition opens. That’s no surprise, given the gruelling flight from Rio de Janeiro, but he’s also had... Continue Reading →

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