Designs on Daphne

She is one of the most recognisable style icons of today, inspiring the creations of countless designers. But Daphne Guinness has over the years proven she is much more than a mere clothes horse, trying her hand at fashion design, perfume, and film. This year the trained opera singer also embarks on her first musical... Continue Reading →

A Scent of a New Year

I'm mad about perfumes. There isn't a trip I go on where I don't come back laden without at least a few bottles of perfumes from the cities I've visited. Scents to me are little olfactory bookmarks, reminding me of places, adventures, friends and experiences, the memory of which can easily slip away over the... Continue Reading →

Lady in Red

'Tis the season! Red, red everywhere! Santa outfits, tree trimmings, Rudolph's nose... It's a colour loaded with symbolism and connotations- love, rage, passion, birth, weddings, and Christmas! If you're a woman considering adding a bit of festive colour to your wardrobe this holiday season but a Mrs Claus outfit isn't what you had in mind,... Continue Reading →

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