Chen Danqing at Tang Contemporary

Shanghai-born artist Chen Danqing was only 14 when he started painting Mao propaganda posters in the 1970s. “I painted more than 100 portraits of Chairman Mao on the street walls in Shanghai and its suburbs and also on factory iron sheets,” he says. “During that time, there were millions of amateur and professional painters in... Continue Reading →

Wang Gongxin: History Rebooted

Published in The Peak, October 2017 “Computer users know that the best way to optimise your system is to ‘empty’ and ‘reboot’.” This is the message that is fixed upon the wall at White Cube gallery and greets visitors to Rotation. The exhibition is Chinese artist Wang Gongxin’s first in Hong Kong and brings together... Continue Reading →

Art Trends Now

Published in The Art Newspaper China, November 2014 The art market shows little sign of slowing down, particularly as oligarchs at auction continue to rack up records for high-end art works by American abstract painters and international contemporary stars. Earlier auctions this year resulted in record prices for American artist, Barnett Newman’s 'Black Fire I'... Continue Reading →

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