Review: Danh Vō at White Cube, Hong Kong

Published in Artomity, Winter 2016 What do demonic possession, Pleistocene mammoth bones, a crusader sword and a Budweiser carton box have in common? On first appearances, nothing at all. By installing them across two floors in White Cube Gallery, Vietnamese-Danish artist Danh Vō seems to be playing a practical joke on his audience. On the ground floor... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Danh Vō

Published on ocula, October 2016 Artist Danh Vō brings together fragments—pieces of his life, and of history—to tell stories. He places these objects and works in exhibition spaces with the restraint of a Zen master, creating layers, pauses, and silences between statements. There is space for phantoms and memories to float between the works, creating a dialogue... Continue Reading →

Venice Biennale 2015 Preview Week

While the art fair is often seen as the whore, selling its wares to those who can afford them, the Venice Biennale has always been the lady of the art world. The most venerated of biennales dating back to 1895; you can look, but not touch, intellectual stimulation and provocation is valued over the commercial,... Continue Reading →

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