Back in the Saddle at the Saut Hermès

Earlier this April I got the chance to hop off to Paris and attend the world class CSI5* jumping competition, the Saut Hermès. As an equestrienne and jumper I couldn't bear to tear myself away for even a moment from the three days of competition at the Grand Palais; it was some the most impressive... Continue Reading →

Maison de Luxe

You probably haven't heard of Maison Takuya before. That's a good thing. A well guarded secret amongst connoisseurs, this small artisanal luxury leather goods company can barely keep up with the demand from clients as it is. As luxury (or whatever is mostly masquerading as luxury) is losing its lustre, with branded 'it' handbags as... Continue Reading →

A Scent of a New Year

I'm mad about perfumes. There isn't a trip I go on where I don't come back laden without at least a few bottles of perfumes from the cities I've visited. Scents to me are little olfactory bookmarks, reminding me of places, adventures, friends and experiences, the memory of which can easily slip away over the... Continue Reading →

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