The Art and Soul of Hong Kong

Published in Destinations of the World, Dubai, February 2016   As Hong Kong gears up for the thought-provoking art and fabulous parties of Art Basel next month, Diana d’Arenberg examines the coming-of-age art industry in a city on the cusp of a cultural renaissance A metallic cube rises up over the construction site that has occupied an... Continue Reading →

Wing Shya Photographs Hong Kong Youth

Published in MOTHER IV: LIBERATION, 2015 “We always say in Chinese, young people represent the future: now this sounds far beyond a cliché.” So wrote Wing Shya, when discussing this exclusive new series of images created for MOTHER. Wing is one of Hong Kong’s best known photographers. Famed for his work with director Wong Kar... Continue Reading →

Alan Lau: Sex & Calligraphy

As published in Prestige Art Basel HK, 2014, magazine supplement. Large sacks of flour from the factory-scale bakery next door block the entrance of collector Alan Lau’s studio as I squeeze past. Part design den, part cool bachelor pad, the industrial space is bursting with art. A Lee Kit fabric work rests on a low... Continue Reading →

Toby Ziegler: Surface Tensions

Published in Hong Kong Tatler, May 2014 I’m having a threesome Valentine’s dinner with my husband and Toby Ziegler. No, not the President’s speech writer from the West Wing; this Toby Ziegler is a 42 year old London-born artist. It’s late morning when I call Ziegler in his London studio, and I’m frantically scribbling down... Continue Reading →

Clockenflap 2013

Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Several new year celebrations have been and gone, and recoveries have been dealt with. Lots of catching up to do on post-ism. Earlier in December I was fortunate enough to not only attend Clockenflap, Hong Kong's largest outdoor music festival, on the West Kowloon harbour front, but also... Continue Reading →

Marc Quinn: Held by Desire

He's better known as one of the YBAs who ruled the ‘90s art scene, shocking audiences with self-portraits made out of nine pints of his frozen blood, and his unmissable monolithic installations. Earlier this year he unveiled a giant gravity defying sculpture of his infant son in the Singapore Gardens by the Bay. And for... Continue Reading →

Brave New Worlds: AES+F in Hong Kong

Of all the emerging market art scenes, Russia’s seems to have taken the longest to catch up and make an impact internationally. But in the last couple of years, a number of contemporary artists have started attracting serious attention. Standing out boldly amongst the current wave of contemporary artists is the four artist-Russian collective known... Continue Reading →

Home Is Where the Art Is

Published in Asia Tatler, October 2013 Theaster Gates is in a cab on his way to Dorchester Ave in his neighbourhood of Chicago's Greater Grand Crossing, when we chat on the phone. “My people are getting hungry … I’m gonna feed my crew,” he says. His crew is the team of builders who collaborate with... Continue Reading →

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