Home Is Where the Art Is

Published in Asia Tatler, October 2013 Theaster Gates is in a cab on his way to Dorchester Ave in his neighbourhood of Chicago's Greater Grand Crossing, when we chat on the phone. “My people are getting hungry … I’m gonna feed my crew,” he says. His crew is the team of builders who collaborate with... Continue Reading →

Space Oddity: Mariko Mori

On the two occasions that I meet with Tokyo-born, New York-based artist Mariko Mori, she is dressed in austere white, in fabrics and a cut that looks chaste if not a little severe. It's her trademark look, white on white, like a living, breathing Robert Ryman work. With her black hair pulled back into two... Continue Reading →

Arne Quinze : A Stranger’s World

A STRANGER'S WORLD As published in Asia Tatler, March 2013 Since the early 1990s, Belgian artist Arne Quinze has been redefining and challenging the way we engage with our urban environment and our homes. His big, bold, often fluorescently bright installations don’t invite us in so much as demand our attention and engagement. They prod... Continue Reading →

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