Space Oddity: Mariko Mori

On the two occasions that I meet with Tokyo-born, New York-based artist Mariko Mori, she is dressed in austere white, in fabrics and a cut that looks chaste if not a little severe. It's her trademark look, white on white, like a living, breathing Robert Ryman work. With her black hair pulled back into two... Continue Reading →

Angela Su’s Wunderkammer

  Hong Kong artist Angela Su’s intricate anatomical ink drawings attracted scores of admirers at Art HK a couple of years ago. This year she did it again with her contribution to Hong Kong Eye, a group show of contemporary Hong Kong art at ArtisTree. Her works in the exhibition, 'Deliver me from all my... Continue Reading →

Roland With The Times

Since 2006 Roland Mouret redefined the dress with the sell-out Galaxy and Moon dresses and made a feminine, curvy figure desirable once more. Victoria Beckham was such a fan that, well, frankly the similarity of her first collection to Mouret's didn't go unremarked. He's dressed Rachel Weisz, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Middleton, and Dita von Teese.... Continue Reading →

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