Tel Aviv: An Insight into the Art Scene

Published on, 24 May 2017 A tiny country, barely bigger than New Jersey, and not yet 70 years old, Israel’s contribution to the international contemporary art scene is mainly overshadowed by its ongoing, seemingly never-ending conflict. And falafels. But returning recently after a 15-year absence I found myself taking in more art than I... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Joel Morrison

Published on, July 2016 I first met Joel Morrison in 2012 when I interviewed the LA-based artist for his solo show at Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong. In the gallery stood a series of shiny metal sculptures, and on a cursory glance they looked to be the very embodiment of industrial luxury, quite at home in the slick... Continue Reading →

Art Basil (sic) Hong Kong

Published on, 31 March 2016 I was Brainwashed the Friday before Art Basel Hong Kong kicked off. French street artist, Mr. Brainwash, was holding court—to an audience full of Hong Kong society types, complete with bodyguards, and media—with a spray can in a graffiti decorated shell-space in Lan Kwai Fong. It was one of... Continue Reading →

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