Tsang Kin-wah: Much Ado About Nothing

Published in Artomity, Issue no.2, Autumn 2016 For someone who has built an art career out of them, Tsang Kin-wah is a man of very few words. Bookish, with thick glasses, the softly-spoken artist measures his words carefully, and it’s hard to hear him over the sounds of drilling and hammering in the newly opened M+... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Uli Sigg

Published on ocula.com, 18 March 2016 When Sydney art dealer Ray Hughes visited Swiss collector Uli Sigg at his Mauensee residence near Lucerne some years ago, a mutual friend asked the dealer how the visit went. ‘Did you feel comfortable and find a place to kick your feet up and read?’ ‘No,’ answered Hughes, ‘it... Continue Reading →

The Art and Soul of Hong Kong

Published in Destinations of the World, Dubai, February 2016   As Hong Kong gears up for the thought-provoking art and fabulous parties of Art Basel next month, Diana d’Arenberg examines the coming-of-age art industry in a city on the cusp of a cultural renaissance A metallic cube rises up over the construction site that has occupied an... Continue Reading →

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