A Conversation with Wu Tsang

Published on ocula.com, 21 April 2016   One of the wonderful things about meeting many artists and writing their stories, is that you get to lose yourself in their world, and the world of images that they create. This happened to me on the grey sleepy Friday afternoon I went to meet visual artist and filmmaker,... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Manuel Pelmuş

Published on ocula.com, February 16, 2016 Among the crowd of familiar faces sipping champagne at Para Site’s fundraising auction preview late last year, a young man lay on the ground in the middle of the Bonhams’ exhibition space. Rolling around on the carpet, he would mutter, to no one in particular, ‘Work is a disease—Karl... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Georg Baselitz

Published on ocula.com, 13 November 2015 'I begin with an idea, but as I work the picture takes over. Then there is the struggle between the idea I preconceived ... and the picture that fights for its own life.' – Georg Baselitz. Struggle, along with the human condition and a smattering of controversy: this is... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Matthias Weischer

Published on ocula.com, 2 October 2015 Rising to prominence in the early 2000s after training at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in the East German city of Leipzig, Matthias Weischer is one of several members of the Neue Leipziger Schule, which also includes German star artists Neo Rauch, Tim Eitel and Tilo Baumgärtel. They... Continue Reading →

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 Calendar

Published on ocula.com, 5 March, 2015 Remember that time Hong Kong was known only for its banking, pinky-ring-wearing English expats mourning the loss of the ol’ empire, overpriced real estate, and the number of Louis Vuitton shops crammed into one block? Well, some things have changed. The property market is still criminal, and making money... Continue Reading →

Overview: West Bund Art & Design Fair

Published on ocula.com, 3 October 2014 Hot on the heels of the recent ShContemporary, which seems to be dying a slow and embarrassing death-- art works were held in customs, leaving booths bereft of works, and turnout and organisation was even more lamentable-- the West Bund Art and Design Fair is definitely a surprising polished... Continue Reading →

The Trend for Corporate Collecting

Throughout history tycoons, wealthy nobility and powerful bankers have patronized art, built museums, and amassed large collections, many of which now are accessible to the public in institutions the world over. Today big companies, from banks to multi-national corporations are the modern Medicis, sponsoring art and cultural events, establishing art programs and foundations for emerging... Continue Reading →

Art Stage Singapore 2013

Published on ocula.com, January 30, 2013 Art Stage Singapore has just finished its third, and so far most successful edition, this past weekend. Held in the basement of Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, this year saw some 130 gallery booths participating. While ‘relaxed’ is how one collector described the atmosphere of the first... Continue Reading →

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