A conversation with Manuel Pelmuş

Published on ocula.com, February 16, 2016 Among the crowd of familiar faces sipping champagne at Para Site’s fundraising auction preview late last year, a young man lay on the ground in the middle of the Bonhams’ exhibition space. Rolling around on the carpet, he would mutter, to no one in particular, ‘Work is a disease—Karl... Continue Reading →

The Rhode Show

Published on christies.com, November 14, 2014 On a bare grey painted wall in Hong Kong’s Lehmann Maupin gallery, Robin Rhode draws a simple crude outline of a car with a white piece of chalk. With audience participation, he proceeds to wash and polish it, until there is no longer a chalk drawing, just dark smudges... Continue Reading →

EVA & ADELE: La Vie en Rose

They’ve invented their own sex, sport matching shaved heads and make-up, and ummm ... they come from the future. No, this isn’t ComicCon. It’s art! It’s likely that if you’ve attended any of the major art fairs, biennales and art exhibitions in the last two decades, you’ve probably spotted the identically made-up, gender-bending, frock-wearing Austro-German... Continue Reading →

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