Review: Cerith Wyn Evans at White Cube Gallery 

Since the 1990s, Welsh conceptual artist Cerith Wyn Evans has created work about language, perception and representation. The artist skilfully weaves in elements of the musical, literary, philosophical and cinematic, resulting in exhibitions that are densely layered and at times even cryptic.

In Conversation: Thomas Demand

Published on, 14 June, 2015 For two decades German-born artist Thomas Demand has captivated collectors and museums alike with his boundary pushing photography. With the dedication and single mindedness of an obsessive compulsive, Demand recreates meticulous and detailed life-size paper models of scenarios gleaned from media images, and then photographs them, blurring the lines... Continue Reading →

Anish Kapoor: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Published in Asia Tatler, May 2014 Anish Kapoor, whose long, luminous career has made him a household name, talks about mystery, banality and the spaces in between Under the glass roof of Berlin’s Martin Gropius Bau museum—which 70 years earlier was bombed and almost completely destroyed, and decades later stood on the outskirts of a... Continue Reading →

Wim Delvoye: Artful Maverick

Art world prankster, art entrepreneur, and Belgian Conceptual artist Wim Delvoye has redefined what it means to be an enfant terrible in the art world, which if you consider contemporary art these days is a pretty hard feat to master. Earlier this year he presented a series of his works at Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong.... Continue Reading →

Art Inflation!

The West Kowloon Cultural District complex may still be four (or five) years away from being completed, but the team at M+ museum of art has nonetheless been busy with a programme of exhibitions designed to bring art to the wider Hong Kong community. Opening recently is the second of the future museum’s nomadic public... Continue Reading →

Ron Mueck at the Gallery of Modern Art

Long before he was picked up by mega-gallery Hauser & Wirth, Melbourne-born artist Ron Mueck was a household name in Australia. School kids were taken on excursions to museums to gawk awe-struck at his hyperrealist sculptures. Starting out in TV and film as a puppeteer and special effects artist (notably in the Labyrinth where he... Continue Reading →

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