Casa Barragán

Standing in a quiet humble suburb of Tacubaya, Mexico City, from the street Casa Luis Barragán looks unremarkable; another concrete-like fortress that, along with the contrasting beautiful bright colonial residences, seems to define the urban landscape of Mexico City. But step inside and you will understand why this building is considered a modern architectural masterpiece... Continue Reading →

Lenin vs Vuitton

I was all packed, my travel winter wardrobe ready to brave the freezing temperatures of Moscow to attend the opening of Louis Vuitton's travel exhibition in Red Square. It would have featured art and luggage from international and Russian artists and personalities including artist Olga Chernysheva, prima ballerina Diana Vishneva, Sofia Coppola, Damien Hirst, James... Continue Reading →

Ick bin Berliner

Countless artists, musicians and writers have flocked to Berlin over the years to recharge and seek inspiration: Christopher Isherwood, David Bowie, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop (the city seems to come with its own soundtrack). In the 1920s Berlin was all about the decadence and modernism of Weimar culture, the stomping ground of intellectuals and artists... Continue Reading →

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