Berlin, Boners and Brecht

Published on, 7 June 2016 Apparently my timing sucks. One week too late for Berlin Gallery Weekend, and one month too early for the Berlin Biennale. ‘You should have been here last weekend for Berlin Gallery Weekend!’ a Berliner friend exclaimed. ‘Everyone was having orgies in the Soho House! It was the best art... Continue Reading →

Spray It, Don’t Say It!

It's likely that if you've ever been to Melbourne and embarked on a quest for the perfect latte around the CBD and inner city area, you've stumbled across many of the city's renowned street-art decorated laneways. Melbourne embraced stencil art with gusto early on, leading to the first stencil festival in the world in 2004.... Continue Reading →

Ick bin Berliner

Countless artists, musicians and writers have flocked to Berlin over the years to recharge and seek inspiration: Christopher Isherwood, David Bowie, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop (the city seems to come with its own soundtrack). In the 1920s Berlin was all about the decadence and modernism of Weimar culture, the stomping ground of intellectuals and artists... Continue Reading →

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