Get to the Goetheanum!

'What we call organic architecture is no mere aesthetic nor cult nor fashion but an actual movement based upon a profound idea of a new integrity of human life wherein art, religion and science are one: form and function seen as one.' - Frank Lloyd Wright Driving down the Swiss autobahn last month on our way... Continue Reading →

A Rose Reborn

Published in the South China Morning Post, September 2014 Luxury fashion houses have long courted artists and photographers to collaborate on creating a more cutting edge image for the brand and lend a bit of artistic cachet. But the last few years have given rise to another collaborative partnership, luxury brands teaming with filmmakers to... Continue Reading →

Casa Barragán

Standing in a quiet humble suburb of Tacubaya, Mexico City, from the street Casa Luis Barragán looks unremarkable; another concrete-like fortress that, along with the contrasting beautiful bright colonial residences, seems to define the urban landscape of Mexico City. But step inside and you will understand why this building is considered a modern architectural masterpiece... Continue Reading →

Veni, Vidi, Venice!

Published in Asia Tatler, August 2013 It’s back, that biannual migration of mega-yachts to the world's loveliest decaying and sinking city. Curators, critics, collectors and artists assembled from around the world for the preview week of the 55th Venice Biennale. Dubbed the Saint Tropez of the art world by some for all the glitz, glam,... Continue Reading →

Art Inflation!

The West Kowloon Cultural District complex may still be four (or five) years away from being completed, but the team at M+ museum of art has nonetheless been busy with a programme of exhibitions designed to bring art to the wider Hong Kong community. Opening recently is the second of the future museum’s nomadic public... Continue Reading →

55th Venice Biennale Artists and Pavilions

Getting terribly excited about our biennial Venice art pilgrimage to the Venice Biennale. Established over a century ago and nicknamed the 'Olympics of the Art World', countries are designated a national pavilion and represented by an artist (or artists) who is selected or invited to participate in this prestigious cultural institution. It's a showcase of... Continue Reading →

HK International Jazz Festival 2012

It's October, you're fielding social invites from left, right and centre. Another party? Another shop opening? I say ditch them all and come check out the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival from 7-12 October. The line up will include local musicians Alex Fung and his Cello Quartet, the legendary Jimmy Cobb, Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco... Continue Reading →

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