Interview: Matthew Day Jackson

Day Jackson's is a multifaceted practice, encompassing sculpture, paintings, printing, collage, photography, video, installation, and performance. His work traverses histories while repurposing symbols of American culture, such as Disney figures, atomic bombs, and Life magazine covers.

Cuauhtémoc Medina in Conversation

Launched in 1996 and now in its twelfth edition, the Shanghai Biennale is the longest-running biennial in China, presented at the Power Station of Art, China's only government-funded art space in a landscape dominated by private museums. This year's edition (10 November 2018–10 March 2019), curated by Mexican-born Cuauhtémoc Medina, brings together the work of... Continue Reading →

Interview: Izumi Kato

  A row of 12 colourful creatures cast shadows behind a blue wall in Perrotin Gallery Hong Kong. A series of paintings–large and small–fill up the other wall spaces, but it is these creatures, which from a distance resemble ethnographic tribal sculptures, that catch your eye. Closer up, extra-terrestrial looking, round painted mouths, and big... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Shirazeh Houshiary

Shirazeh Houshiary was born in 1955 in Shiraz, an Iranian city known for its rich literary and art history. She came to London in 1974 to study at the Chelsea School of Art—five years before the Iranian Revolution broke out. It was her sculptural works that first garnered attention in the 1980s, and which also... Continue Reading →

Curator Insight: Q&A with Piper Marshall

Published on ocula, 7 November 2017 Independent curator Piper Marshall's career has followed a quick upward trajectory since landing a job as a curator with the Swiss Institute in 2008. After six years with the institute she left to pursue freelance projects, leading to her recruitment by Mary Boone in 2014 to curate six shows—later extended... Continue Reading →

Rachel Kneebone: Ovid in Exile

Published in Artomity, Issue no.5, Summer 2017 British sculptor Rachel Kneebone forges the human condition out of clay. The great meta-narratives of humanity – creation and destruction, death and life, renewal, love, suffering, heaven and hell, the limitations and possibilities of the human body –  are all tackled in her sculptures. It is a rather... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Mickalene Thomas

black woman. Titled the desire of the other (18 November 2016 - 7 January 2017) the exhibition is a tongue in cheek reference to the ‘other’ as black woman, the ‘other’ as woman in a society increasingly at odds with women’s changing and evolving role, and empowerment.

A Conversation with Maria Taniguchi

Published on, 22 November 2016 Preparing to sit down for my interview with Filipino artist, Maria Taniguchi, a small printed essay by Susan Gibb catches my eye on the coffee table in Galerie Perrotin’s office. Titled ‘Dogs in Space, Witches of Dumaguete’, the essay, referencing the artist’s hometown of Dumaguete City and included in the... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Marco Brambilla

Published on, October 2016. Hell. It looks like fun. Below my feet is a writhing mass of naked bodies, a sinful orgy of flesh and fire. Heavy metal rockers, a cyborg, and one of the nihilists from The Big Lebowski run by with a pair of giant scissors. Before me Julie Andrews pops up amongst rolling... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Joel Morrison

Published on, July 2016 I first met Joel Morrison in 2012 when I interviewed the LA-based artist for his solo show at Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong. In the gallery stood a series of shiny metal sculptures, and on a cursory glance they looked to be the very embodiment of industrial luxury, quite at home in the slick... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Adrian Notz

It is the morning of  June 16, a rainy, grey Bloomsday, the day that commemorates Irish writer James Joyce’s epic modernist masterpiece, Ulysses. On a quiet, cobbled backstreet in Zurich, stands Cabaret Voltaire. A yellow-painted unadorned building, this is the birthplace of Dada where in 1916 Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, Sophie Taueber... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Kyungah Ham

Published on,  28 July 2016 ‘You don’t have to paint a fist to challenge authority; it is only natural that the mode of fighting was to devote oneself to the abstract, to deny the unreal reality.’ – Lee Ufan At first glance, Kyungah Ham’s embroidered canvases are beautifully seductive. From afar the works seem to be... Continue Reading →

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