Neri Oxman: Material Ecology Exhibition at MoMA

First published on plant-terra, April 2020 A new exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) showcases the radical projects and sustainable design of boundary-breaking polymath and innovator Neri Oxman. American-Israeli architect, designer, academic and inventor Neri Oxman has built a reputation for being at the cutting edge of new design materials and methodologies.... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Kanaal

Previous years have seen Belgian collector, art and antiquities dealer, gallerist and celebrated designer, Axel Vervoordt, stage some of the most beautiful exhibitions during the Venice Biennale at the Palazzo Fortuny.  Filled with works from his collection –– paintings by Gutai and Dansaekwa masters Kazuo Shiraga and Yun Hyong-Keun, Ghanaian artist El Anatsui, as well... Continue Reading →

Portable Art at Hauser & Wirth

  Both an art form, and a valuable decorative commodity – particularly when diamonds and other precious stones and metals feature prominently –  jewellery is also, depending on the creator and the intention, wearable art. Artists have been designing jewellery for centuries – Hans Holbein the Younger made beautiful drawings for elaborate gem-set gold pendants as... Continue Reading →

Get to the Goetheanum!

'What we call organic architecture is no mere aesthetic nor cult nor fashion but an actual movement based upon a profound idea of a new integrity of human life wherein art, religion and science are one: form and function seen as one.' - Frank Lloyd Wright Driving down the Swiss autobahn last month on our way... Continue Reading →

Overview: West Bund Art & Design Fair

Published on, 3 October 2014 Hot on the heels of the recent ShContemporary, which seems to be dying a slow and embarrassing death-- art works were held in customs, leaving booths bereft of works, and turnout and organisation was even more lamentable-- the West Bund Art and Design Fair is definitely a surprising polished... Continue Reading →

Casa Barragán

Standing in a quiet humble suburb of Tacubaya, Mexico City, from the street Casa Luis Barragán looks unremarkable; another concrete-like fortress that, along with the contrasting beautiful bright colonial residences, seems to define the urban landscape of Mexico City. But step inside and you will understand why this building is considered a modern architectural masterpiece... Continue Reading →

Maison de Luxe

You probably haven't heard of Maison Takuya before. That's a good thing. A well guarded secret amongst connoisseurs, this small artisanal luxury leather goods company can barely keep up with the demand from clients as it is. As luxury (or whatever is mostly masquerading as luxury) is losing its lustre, with branded 'it' handbags as... Continue Reading →

Jewel Purpose

The last few years have seen jewellery becoming the statement accessory. More so, in fact, than the ubiquitous ‘it’ bags and statement shoes. Bold eye-catching baubles regularly crop up in front rows at fashion shows, on fashionistas and celebrities. The right piece can dress up an outfit and cement your style, and it can say... Continue Reading →

An Appointment with L’Appuntamento

Last week I was asked by the lovely Claudia Albertini from Platform China Gallery to sit for a photoshoot at a fabulous homewares space in Chai Wan, Casa Capriz, run by another Chai Wan creative, Irene Capriz. The space was chock-a-block with amazing one-off vintage and industrial furniture finds from around the world, as well... Continue Reading →

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