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4 responses to “Contact”

  1. The Art Amateur Avatar

    Hi Diana, excellent blog. Tried to email you on but I’m afraid it just keeps getting thrown out. Keep on doing what you’re doing, really enjoyed reading.

    RE-emerging art

    1. postism Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback James. Will look into email glitch too.

  2. Prudence Arndt Avatar

    We love the photo of you on the Hermes saddle, wearing a red jacket. How do we find out who owns that image for possible future use? Thanks!

  3. Gerard Knabl - Emil Herker Avatar

    you once wrote an article about the Austrian Artist Emil Herker which we now would like
    to use in a new catalogue. Pls advise your email address for contacting you. Tks a lot !
    Gerard Knabl

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