VIVA ARTE VENEZIA: Venice Biennale 2017

Published on ocula, 31 August 2017 If hell is other people, as the delightful Parisian existentialist, Jean-Paul Sartre once remarked, then the Venice Biennale during the four day preview is a veritable inferno. So I headed to the Biennale a week later: no queues, no crowds, and no tiny damp lodgings where the ceiling falls in... Continue Reading →

McQueen x Hirst: Bitten by the Bug

Yes, I know! Fashion-art collaborations are so commonplace right now that I'm hard pressed to think of a brand, high or low, that hasn't employed the services of an artist to produce limited edition collections. British artist Damien Hirst, enfant terrible of the YBA dominated Brit art scene of the '90s, has done particularly well... Continue Reading →

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