EVA & ADELE: La Vie en Rose

They’ve invented their own sex, sport matching shaved heads and make-up, and ummm ... they come from the future. No, this isn’t ComicCon. It’s art! It’s likely that if you’ve attended any of the major art fairs, biennales and art exhibitions in the last two decades, you’ve probably spotted the identically made-up, gender-bending, frock-wearing Austro-German... Continue Reading →

Veni, Vidi, Venice!

Published in Asia Tatler, August 2013 It’s back, that biannual migration of mega-yachts to the world's loveliest decaying and sinking city. Curators, critics, collectors and artists assembled from around the world for the preview week of the 55th Venice Biennale. Dubbed the Saint Tropez of the art world by some for all the glitz, glam,... Continue Reading →

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