Profile: Michael Borremans

Text published on ocula For two decades, artist Michaël Borremans has been confounding—and captivating—audiences with his enigmatic paintings. Trained as a draughtsman and engraver at Luca School of Arts in Ghent, followed by several years of photography, it was only after a sabbatical from teaching at the age of 33 that Borremans (b. 1963) started... Continue Reading →

Curator Insight: Q&A with Piper Marshall

Published on ocula, 7 November 2017 Independent curator Piper Marshall's career has followed a quick upward trajectory since landing a job as a curator with the Swiss Institute in 2008. After six years with the institute she left to pursue freelance projects, leading to her recruitment by Mary Boone in 2014 to curate six shows—later extended... Continue Reading →

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2017

Published on ocula, 21 September 2017   Ten years ago, when I was but a new addition to Hong Kong's small but burgeoning community of gallerinas, I was hard pressed to sell an editioned photo print to Chinese collectors. People worried about edition numbers and the investment potential of something that had multiple prints. Visitors came... Continue Reading →

VIVA ARTE VENEZIA: Venice Biennale 2017

Published on ocula, 31 August 2017 If hell is other people, as the delightful Parisian existentialist, Jean-Paul Sartre once remarked, then the Venice Biennale during the four day preview is a veritable inferno. So I headed to the Biennale a week later: no queues, no crowds, and no tiny damp lodgings where the ceiling falls in... Continue Reading →

Rachel Kneebone: Ovid in Exile

Published in Artomity, Issue no.5, Summer 2017 British sculptor Rachel Kneebone forges the human condition out of clay. The great meta-narratives of humanity – creation and destruction, death and life, renewal, love, suffering, heaven and hell, the limitations and possibilities of the human body –  are all tackled in her sculptures. It is a rather... Continue Reading →

Samson Young: Songs for Disaster Relief

Published in Artomity, Summer 2017 With over a decade of practice, artist Samson Young has made audiences question and examine their relationship to sound and music, and their relationship to history, politics, and identity through sound.  Young is a product of a certain time and place. Born in 1979 in Hong Kong he grew up... Continue Reading →

Tel Aviv: An Insight into the Art Scene

Published on, 24 May 2017 A tiny country, barely bigger than New Jersey, and not yet 70 years old, Israel’s contribution to the international contemporary art scene is mainly overshadowed by its ongoing, seemingly never-ending conflict. And falafels. But returning recently after a 15-year absence I found myself taking in more art than I... Continue Reading →

Portable Art at Hauser & Wirth

  Both an art form, and a valuable decorative commodity – particularly when diamonds and other precious stones and metals feature prominently –  jewellery is also, depending on the creator and the intention, wearable art. Artists have been designing jewellery for centuries – Hans Holbein the Younger made beautiful drawings for elaborate gem-set gold pendants as... Continue Reading →

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017: A Post-Mortem

Published on, 7 April 2017 For one week each year, Hong Kong, the capital of capital, transforms from a tycoon's Monopoly board dotted with luxury malls and expensive real estate into Asia's art centre. During Art Basel's annual week in Hong Kong in 2017, art could be found everywhere. Malls were filled with art... Continue Reading →

Howard Hodgkin: Painting from Memory

Published in Artomity, Spring 2017, Issue no.4. I never interviewed Howard Hodgkin, who passed away on March 9 aged 84. The artist didn’t like to talk about his paintings, or attempt to explain them into relevance, although for the purpose of this review I’m going to do just that. Hodgkin’s paintings aren’t about narrative or... Continue Reading →

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